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Headbangers Open Air 2010 Live DVD  (2011)
Label: Hellion Records

Not Fragile "Starbreaker" "Eye Of The Storm" "Extermination Day" "Made Of Metal"

Videos from : Culprit, Shok Paris, Demon, Battleaxe, Raven, Trench Hell, Omen, Mekong Delta, Angel Dust, Tygers Of Pan Tang, u.s.w.

Doomsday News
The Video Compilation
Volume 2 (1990) (VHS)
Label: Noise/SPV

Mania "Gods Of Fire"

14 Videoclips( VHS ) Noise Rec. year 1990 .


Armageddon over Wacken 2004 Live DVD (2005)
Label: Armageddon / Soulfood Music

Weinhold "The Beacon Light"

Starring Zodiac Mindwarp, Brainstorm, Mnemic, Motorhead, Dio, Weinhold, Mystic Prophecy, Feinstein, Cathedral, Orphanage, Paragon, Ektomorf, Mayhem

Thrash Till Death Festival 2005 Live DVD (2006)
Label: TTD Rc.

Not Fragile "Starbreaker"


Not Fragile

Tracks: Real , With all my might , High into heaven , Opus 7.3 , Down in the streets , Out of law , Craze and hunger , Bbbrrräää , Lost in a dream , Break down the wall , One way to glory , Victim of states power , Extermination day , Because the night , Eye of the storm , Knuckle sandwich

Erscheinungsdatum 2009 bei Hellion-Records

Not Fragile & Blazing Guns (Sweden) Split 7"vinyl (Limited to 300 copies only) (2006)
In the sign of the aces

Label: Dream Evil Rc./Made in Italy


Not Fragile - Scratch the surface CD (2007)
Label: Hellion Rc.

Speed loader, Master machine, Scratch the surface, Rocket to the moon, Power to the universe, Centurion, Keep your mouth shut, Perfect sledgehammer, 10.000 black demons, Holy man, Cathedral of power, Tear into the weekend, Gods of fire

Not Fragile - Time to wonder CD (2005)
Label: Hellion Rc / Soulfood Music

Time to wonder, The beast in black, Starbreaker
Midnight explorer, Raisd on metal, Rough ´n´ready men, Thousend warriors, Miles out of sea, Black magic mountain, Hellions dungeon, Queen of the sea, End of the rainbow, Fortress of power, Battle eagle, Friends
Not Fragile - Yesterday ´s heroes CD (2003)
Label: Hellion Rc / Soulfood Music

Too fast, Immortal Legions, Locomotive, We´ll bring the house down, The six teens, Blood in the land, Made of metal, Thanks for the memory, Hypnotized, Cheltenham, Turn it down, Hard to be alive, Yesterdays hero
Not Fragile 21st - century ballroom CD (2001)
Label: Hellion Rc.

21st century ballroom, Lost in the rain, Into the hurricane, Like guardians, Monsters of metal, Starlight to the revolution, Dreamflight, Lay it down, New generation, We don´t surrender, Somebody´s waiting


Tribute To Angel Witch(2007)
Label: Unbroken Metal

Not Fragile - Extermination Day
WOA-Picture Vinyl LP
15th Anniversary (2005)
Label: Armageddon / Soulfood Music

Weinhold - Strike
The Revivalry CD (2005)
Tribute To Running Wild
Label: Remedy Rc / Soulfood Music

Not Fragile - Victim of States Power
Power of metal CD(2003)
20 Years in noise
Label: Noise / SPV

Mania "The expulsion"
Mania LP/CD (1989)
Changing times
Label: Noise / SPVPrelude
The Expulsion,  Turn Towards The Light, No Way Back,  Be Strong,  To The End Of The World, The Vision, Gambler, 
We Don't Need War, Violent Time, Muffy's Arrival, Wizzard Of The Lost Kingdom, Night Of The Blade, Gods Of Fire , Under The Sign Of The Cross, Break Out, Muffy's Departure
Mania Single 7" (1987)
Message / Deliverance
Label: Neue Zeiten
Mania Mini LP (1988)
Wizard of the lost kingdom
Label: Noise / SPV
Doomsday news 2
CD & LP (1989)
Label: Noise / SPV

Mania "Break out"
Armageddon over Wacken 2004 CD (2005)
Label: Armageddon / Soulfood Music

Weinhold "Strike"
Not Fragile vs.
Z-Iron LP (2004)
Master of metal
Label: Hellion Rc.